summer service 2021 / agua prieta, sonora & douglas, az


Summer Service 2021

Since the beginning of our preparations, our team has had one goal: openness. We want to experience this summer with open hearts, minds, ears, eyes, and hands. We experienced open hands with the uncertainty of COVID-19, open minds and hearts while awaiting a destination, and we will go to the desert of Sonora and Arizona with the openness to truly listen to, learn from, and love those we encounter. We’re eager to share our experiences with the New Wilmington Mission Conference from this beautiful and timely immersion! Watch our blog for (likely sporadic) updates!
A note from NWMC Director Ginny Teitt:
Summer Service has been a tradition at NWMC for over 60 years. Teams have traveled far and wide and have had a variety of itineraries, working in cooperation with many different kinds of missions. Summer Service teams have found that following their service, their lives have never been the same, and as a result, the lives of many attendees at NWMC have been changed by their testimony.
Unfortunately, we were not able to send our team in 2020, but have retained them for 2021, and added three additional participants. The team consists of Jessica Blake, Jada Dawson, Megan Halloran, Van Herring, Gabrielle Hickly, Ricky Myers, Sofia Na, Hope Trotta, and Matthew Windsor. They will be led by Staci and Trevor Alexander.
Until recently we were holding out hope that the 2020 and 2021 combined Summer Service team would be able to travel to Southeast Asia as planned, but, it has become clear that international travel is not possible for our team at this time. However, we were committed to finding a place where our team could serve this summer.
We are pleased to announce that the team will be serving in Agua Prieta, Sonora, and Douglas, Arizona with Frontera de Cristo Ministries. Frontera de Cristo is a Presbyterian border ministry, and as one of five binational ministry sites of Presbyterian Border Region Outreach they work with churches, presbyteries, and secular organizations on both sides of the border to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God.
Although this has been a year of uncertainty and changing plans, we are sure that God will use these young people and their leaders wherever they are called to serve. Soon you will be introduced to each one of the amazing young adult team members who continue to gather remotely to prepare for this life impacting and transformative mission experience. Please keep them in your prayers.

About NWMC

The New Wilmington Mission Conference (NWMC) is the longest-running Christian Mission focused event in the United States (115 years and counting). NWMC is intergenerational, meaning you will find programming for all ages, infants, children, students, families, youth groups, mission-minded individuals, pastors, and mission workers all have a place at the New Wilmington Mission Conference. NWMC is part church camp, it is part youth gathering, it is tradition while looking to the future, it is a place of learning, a place of fellowship, a place of growth, a place of love, the New Wilmington Mission Conference is a lot of different things to those who attend from over 30 states and 20 countries. In the end, most will tell you, NWMC is home.

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Summer Service

Summer Service is an opportunity for a select group of young adults to experience mission first hand.  Each year a small group is chosen to spend 6 weeks experiencing a different culture and engaging in short term mission projects.

Summer Service has been in existence for over 60 years.  Teams have traveled far and wide to many international locations, and some have also been called to serve within the United States.  With a variety of itineraries and in cooperation with many different kinds of missions, Summer Service teams have found that following their service, their lives have never been the same.

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